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OYO Dance Troupe community outreach

After successful performances in the Netherlands, the OYO dance troupe is now back to Namibia. It is time for the troupe to give back to the community. The troupe will therefore embark on a series of performances in November and December in both Windhoek and the Kunene Region.    ‘In Windhoek, we will bring performances to the informal settlements’, explains Dr Philippe Talavera, OYO’s director. ‘Not everybody can come to town to the national theatre for instance. Yet, performances should be for all. It is important for us to go to people. We will perform three of our repertoire pieces, ‘Thiasus’, ‘to take or not to take’ and ‘Betrayed’ in Havana, in front of U-Save, on 05 November, in Hakahana next to the open market on 06 November, in Havana at the soccer field on 07 November, at Otjomuise 8 de Laan (08 November) and Otjomuise 7 de Laan (09 November)...
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'Oxósiss Betrayed' Premiere

On Thursday, 23 August the OYO Dance Troupe premiered their latest dance piece, 'Oxósiss Betrayed' to a highly appreciative and awe struck audience at the Goethe institute at the Goethe Institute in Windhoek. The issues concerning poaching, especially Rhino, have long been a contentious issue in namibia and the region. The dance piece fuses many issues in to a recital that evokes strong emotions about poverty, relationships and conservation.
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Intern Program Alive and Well

A huge thanks to our intern Louisa who raised Euro 1,000.00 for OYO! Louisa is currently in the north with our project 'in and out'. She will then spend three weeks in the South with our project 'growing strong in the Karas region' before to join the dance troupe internship summer program. Prior to her trip, Louisa organised a big party and online donations for OYO. We are most grateful for her hard work and wonderful contribution.
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