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Child marriage in Kunene north


As part of our ‘New narrative/ new beginnings’ project the OYO dance troupe visited the Kunene north sub-region and performed its repertoire on child marriage. It took this chance to distribute a simple questionnaire to students in schools. We had 230 respondents aged 11 to 20. 38% of the respondents were male and 62% female. 56% of the respondents identified as Ovahimba, 4% as Ovathwa, 24% as Ovazemba, 5% as Ovatjimba and 23% as others. They were from twelve schools. While the cohorts of Ovathwa and Ovatjimba was too small to be statistically representative of the whole group, they were still included as too little data is available on those groups.


290120 Kunene Discussion paper 2

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