Scholastika N. Iipinge


Scholastika Ndatinda Iipinge earned her D Cur Community Health Sciences, in 2001, at Rand Afrikaanse University. She is a senior Lecturer at the University of Namibia (UNAM) in the Nursing Department since 2002, Convener of the Masters in Public Health course, which started in 2003 and theme coordinator of Human Resources for Health in East- and Southern Africa for Equinet. Dr Iipinge is a specialist in HIV/AIDS and has, since 2006, been holding the position as Coordinator of the HIV/AIDS Unit, at UNAM. She has conducted various HIV/AIDS consultancies, as well as research in general.

She has done consultancy work for Unicef, UNDP, WHO, and the Ministry of Health and Social Services/Global Fund. She has just completed a consultancy for the Walvis Bay Corridor Group where she assisted the group in developing the HIV/AIDS Information Kit for Truck Drivers in Namibia. She has also completed “An Evaluation in changes and trends in the Sexual and Reproductive Health Policies in the SADC region, collaborating with the University of Helsinki”.

Furthermore, Dr. Iipinge participated in the development of the National HIV/AIDS Policy and was part of the development of the MTP III document in 2003-4. In January 2009, she was nominated as Technical Person in the development of the National Counseling and HIV Testing Guidelines.

She is passionate about HIV and AIDS and poverty alleviation related issues. Because of that she is the Chair of the Education Sectoral Committee of the National Development Plan in Namibia. Furthermore, she a member of the Human Resources for Health Experts in the Afro Region/WHO, constituted in Dakar, in 2008.

Scholastika Iipinge