‘VOYAGE VOYAGE – An exploration of our relation to movement with French Dancer Krees’


The OYO dance troupe's last public performance was in March 2020, just before the COVID19 pandemic outbreak. For the OYO dancers, like for many other people, the COVID19 has meant a restriction in movement – both physically (touching or not touching the other) and emotionally (what is a performer without an audience?)

With the arrival of vaccines and the lifting of some restrictions, people can start travelling again. But while some jumped on the opportunity and took the first available flight, others are procrastinating and scared of leaving home, in case they get stuck on the other side of the earth. So, what does travelling means nowadays?  

During an 8-days workshop with French Dancer Krees, OYO dancers shared their experience, their vision of travelling, of expatriation, of lockdown. They explore a new dance vocabulary (traditionally the OYO dance troupe uses physical theatre) and open doors for audiences to reflect on the new meaning of movement.

‘This is a very exciting time for OYO’, says director and choreographer Philippe Talavera. For over 18 months, we couldn’t perform to an audience. We are eager to meet our audience again, and share something new and exciting with them. As borders open, we are really excited to welcome Krees to Namibia. This is our first guest in two years.’

Christophe "Krees Sama" Jallerat was born in Djibouti in 1986 to a French father and an Ethiopian mother. It was at the age of 15 and living in Martinique that he discovered and learned about hip-hop dance and in particular the popping. He subsequently saw his style evolve so that 5 years later he specialized in freestyle hip-hop.

Attracted at first by improvisation, he participated in many dance battles (competitions). He joined the groups FORZESOUND (Icee), SECTION C (Francis MBida), then set up his group DIVISION FOR ONE and joined the company ELAM created by Léa Djyl.                                                                                  

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In addition, he teaches and transmits his passion by regularly giving lessons since 2010. Since 2020, he has been developing his own method in order to support dancers of all levels.

With the dancers, Krees created a piece titled ‘Vie’. The piece, together with OYO’s repertoire piece ‘A different me’ was presented in four schools and at the Franco-Namibian Cultural Centre, to 1903 learners and 83 people. The project was made possible thanks to STAFE, an initiative of the Ministère de l’Europe et des Affaires Étrangères and French Consulate in South Africa.

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