‘Lukas’ to premiere on 01 February


Over the years, it has produced internationally acclaimed movies such as ‘Salute!’ (first ever Namibian film nominated as Best Film Southern Africa at the Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards), ‘Kukuri’ and ‘Kapana’ (winner of major awards on four different continents). OYO’s films aim at sparkling debates and discussing issues that are often not being addressed in the public space.

The highly anticipated ‘Lukas’, released four years after ‘Kapana’, will follow suit and aims at addressing the struggles and triumphs of children living and working in the streets in our society.

Directed by Philippe Talavera, based on a script written by Mikiros Garoes, the film offers a poignant exploration of the lives of street children, providing a raw and authentic portrayal of their challenges and the unwavering spirit that propels them forward. Based on interviews done with 17 children and young people currently living in the streets and four young people who have come in conflict with the law due to their lives in the streets, the film is a fiction based on facts.

The film follows Lukas (played by Alejandro Cooper, Hernandes Goanatgosi and Treazurique Titus) over 15 years. It sheds light on the harsh realities children in the streets face and questions how society both fails, and at times exploits, such children.

Hard and unapologetic, the film is also profoundly human, fostering empathy and understanding. The streets may be their lives, but this film endeavours to amplify their voices, revealing the untold stories that resonate beyond the borders of hardship, ultimately inspiring compassion and social change.

‘This was a massive production’, says Talavera, who produced and directed the film ‘with a cast of 50. We were lucky to have some of Namibian’s greatest names in the industries in some key roles (such as Dawie Engelbrecht, Roya Diehl, Mara Baumgartner, Lucky Pieters and Felicity Celento) as well as in many cameos (Adriano Visagie, Senga Brokerhoff, Sven-Eric Muller, Lize Ehlers, Armas Shivute Armas, Herman ‘Kassi’ Hausiku, Nadula Hainane and more). It was the hardest film I ever shot, especially because we shot it during the coldest two weeks of July. But everybody worked so hard to ensure the success of this project.’

The film will premiere in the presence of the cast and crew at Ster Kinekor Grove Mall on 01 February at 6pm.

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